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Personal stability.

I know most of you will consider yourselves mind experts and as such, will stick to the little you know about mental health. I personally believe there is no better health than the stability of mind and soul..Only a calm mind can push for the bigger engagements…And It’s always a better idea for one toContinue reading “Personal stability.”

No assuming gap😂😂

So definitely ios wanted to make us, the Android users have no chance of relating to these fruit boys… Different screen display,different ringtones😂, different emojis😂,different app display even…like the fuck brooo..there is no way we forging a similarity😂😭😭…. fuck ios.fuck android.fuck internet.. fuck evolution as a whole.🚮🚮

The energy from within.

Termed by many as “morale” is a wider aspect of our lives continuing to ruin and bless the lives of many. It is this energy that transformed the greatest of men into characters historians are so much attracted to. One would think a little push is so big a necessity for great results to beContinue reading “The energy from within.”

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